We accept most medical insurance plans. Make sure that Dr Feldman is named as your child's primary care provider with your insurance carrier. We must be notified of any insurance changes. Please bring your child's current valid insurance card and copayment with you when you come to the office.

Payment for the visit or for balances due can be made with cash, check, debit or VISA and MasterCard. We expect payment of outstanding balances before your child's next office visit.

If your family experiences financial hardships and you have problems paying for your visits, please speak with either Dr. Feldman or the secretary. We will try to help arrange for alternative arrangements and assist you to find additional resources provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

If your insurance requires our office to submit a referral for a specialist visit, call our office at 781-662-4560. When you are scheduling the appointment with the specialist, please obtain the following information for us to complete the referral:

  1. specialist name, address and phone number
  2. specialist's NPI number
  3. date of visit
  4. reason for the visit

Notify us of your appointment as soon as possible. We must submit the referral before the appointment time. Some insurance companies will not allow referrals to be submitted after the appointment with the specialist. You may leave us a message with all the information.  You can also use the Patient Portal to request the referral.

If Dr. Feldman is not listed as your child's PCP, we will not be able to complete referrals and you may receive bills for specialty doctor visits. It is each family's responsibility to understand their insurance benefits and to obtain the referral before the visit with the specialist.

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