Appointments: You need to have a scheduled appointment to be seen by Dr. Feldman. Bring your child's valid insurance card and co-payment to each visit. You will receive a reminder phone call prior to your appointment or if you use patient portal you will receive an email reminder. All patients are expected to keep their appointments. Please call us if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Arrive on-time: We do our best to see our appointments on time. Please arrive early so that you can check-in with the secretary. If you are delayed, call our office to let us adjust to your late arrival. During busy periods, if you are late you may need to wait for the next available open time slot.

Routine Well Visits: During well visits your child's progress is discussed, problems can be identified and addressed, and vaccinations given. You can schedule these visits after each check-up or by calling the office. We advise that you to schedule these appointments at least 3 months before you wish to be seen. Refer to the standard well visit schedule to see what to expect.

Sick Visits: Please call the office when your child has an illness or injury. You may be able to discuss the problem with Dr. Feldman, receive information and guidance, and may not need to bring your child to the office. If it is determined that you need to come to the office for a sick visit, then you will be offered a morning or afternoon appointment time. If several children in the family need to be seen by Dr. Feldman, then each child will need a separate appointment.

After Hours Illness or injury: If your child has a sudden illness or injury when the office is closed, you can speak with Dr. Feldman or, if he is unavailable, a pediatrician selected by Dr. Feldman in the area. Call the office at 781-662-4560, and the voice mail message will give you instructions on how to contact the after-hours pediatrician.

Concerns Not Needing an Appointment: If you have a question about an ongoing medical or behavioral concern, call the office and Dr. Feldman will speak with you when he has time in his schedule. Please indicate the nature of the concern and its urgency. Dr. Feldman is able to assist with a variety of matters without having you bring your child to the office. You can obtain an appointment if it is determined that your child needs to be seen. You can also leave a message on the office phone after hours about your concerns, and Dr. Feldman will speak with you the next day the office is open.

LIFE TREATENING EMERGENCY OR POISONING: If your child is having a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. If you have any suspicion of poisoning, call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

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